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A Better
World has
to be Built

A message from Brendan Bechtel & Craig Albert

In 2023, Bechtel celebrates 125 years of extraordinary teams building inspiring projects—from the first rail tracks that founder Warren Bechtel laid for the Western Pacific Railroad to the state-of-the-art transit lines, LNG facilities, and semiconductor fabrication plants we are helping to build today.

Bechtel’s legacy of leadership, innovation, and achievement is a tribute to generations of Bechtel colleagues whose spirit and ingenuity helped drive more than a century of progress. It is also a testament to the countless customers we have had the privilege to partner with.

Yet, our 125th anniversary is about more than our past. It also invites us to imagine Bechtel’s Next 125.

New challenges and opportunities are changing the world’s economic, commercial, social, environmental, and security landscapes—fueling today’s rising demand for world-class engineering and construction. How we answer this call over the coming years will shape the next century.

Bechtel CEO Brendan Bechtel and President and COO Craig Albert.

Our people are excited by the challenges of tomorrow and the opportunities they present to change lives and build a better world.

Brendan Bechtel and Craig Albert applausing on stage during Bechtel's 125th anniversary celebration.
Person in a hard hat and safety vest on project site.

Bechtel is ready.

Experience has taught us that the quality of our relationships and our “One Team” mentality are the most important predictors of a project’s success. Bechtel’s commitment to collaboration and earning trust remains as deep as ever.

We are full of optimism as we look ahead. Our people are excited by the challenges of tomorrow and the opportunities they present to change lives and build a better world. It fuels our imagination and creativity. It drives us to evolve and innovate. And it inspires us to continue putting our unique capabilities, capacity, and commitment to work on developing the best pathways forward.

Only by building increasingly innovative and scalable solutions will we meet many of today’s most pressing demands—from clean, efficient transportation and sustainable energy sources to digital networks, advanced manufacturing, critical minerals mining, and national security infrastructure.

Bechtel is taking these challenges head-on. Our people are working on projects to create a more Sustainable, Powered, Connected, Resourced, and Secured world by:

Our Efforts

Increasing production capacity for liquefied natural gas

Our Efforts

Developing new wind and solar energy facilities

Helping to advance nuclear energy, and decarbonizing existing industrial operations

Our Efforts

Improving mobility

With faster, more efficient, and higher capacity rail and transit lines, airports, and motorways

Our Efforts

Building new manufacturing capacity

For advanced semiconductors and exploring new battery manufacturing projects

Our Efforts

Increasing production of critical minerals

Providing key components of clean energy technologies, from wind turbines to batteries
Our Efforts

Building the infrastructure needed to connect communities and close the digital divide

Our Efforts

Destroying the U.S. chemical weapons stockpile

And safely immobilizing and storing Cold War-era nuclear by products

2022 Financial Results

In 2022, we completed or advanced projects addressing these needs across the full span of our business. We also launched a new Manufacturing and Technology business and continued to improve our engineering, procurement, construction, and digital capabilities to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Additionally, we are proud to share that in 2022, customers awarded us more new work than in any other year over the past decade. And forecasts suggest 2023 will be even higher than 2022.

Total Managed Revenue
Total Principal Revenue
New Work Booked
Total Backlog Revenue

Vision, Values
& Commitments

With our 125th anniversary, we also refreshed, restated, and reaffirmed Bechtel’s Vision, Values, and Commitments (VV&Cs).

Thanks to extensive input from a diverse group of thousands of colleagues around the world, we refined our VV&Cs to better reflect who we are and what we stand for today.

We also introduced our new logo, which embodies our focus on the future: sharper, cleaner, and more dynamic.

Our Vision

Extraordinary teams building inspiring projects.

These VV&Cs guide us, clarify our decision-making and actions, and serve as a promise to our customers, partners, neighbors, and colleagues. Most importantly, they are true to our people and reflect our culture and aspirations.

Bechtel is defined by the quality of our people and our values-driven culture, which we have aligned to make extraordinary things possible over the past century and a quarter. We continue to invest in both.

Values & Commitments

We live for a challenge

  • Make our customers’ ambitions a reality
  • Adapt quickly and always look for a better way
Values & Commitments

We do the right thing

  • Exercise the highest level of integrity
  • Create a positive legacy through purposeful and sustainable projects
Values & Commitments

We take care of each other

  • Safety and wellbeing above all
  • Treat each other with the utmost respect 
Values & Commitments

We succeed together

  • Embrace our differences, seek diverse views, and listen to understand
  • Foster a deep sense of belonging
Values & Commitments

We build trust

  • Develop lasting “One Team” relationships with our colleagues, customers, and partners
  • Hold ourselves accountable to deliver excellence
Person wearing safety gear welding a pipe.

Our goal is to be the go-to for the best talent and expertise in our industry, and we believe that success starts with our commitment to invest in our people. We must provide the opportunities and environment that make our colleagues feel a sense of purpose and belonging and enable them to achieve their ambitions. Empowering our colleagues from all backgrounds to be their full true selves is crucial to generating fresh thinking and improving the solutions we deliver for our customers.

We are looking to Bechtel’s Next 125 with our eyes on continuing to foster trust, invest in our people, perform as promised, and build for the long term. As a private company that has thrived for five generations, we understand that building for the long term is more than a strategy. It is also a mindset. A mindset that shapes everything we do and every partnership we have, that is rooted in our uncompromising ethics, and that continues to drive us to pursue purposeful work where our talents can deliver the greatest impact.

Thank you for your interest in our company. Thank you, especially to our colleagues, customers, partners, and communities, without whom our success would not be possible. We are proud of everything we’ve accomplished together and excited at the many more opportunities that lie ahead. And we look forward to continued collaboration as we build a better world—together.


Photo of Brendan Bechtel
Brendan Bechtel's signature
Brendan Bechtel Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Craig Albert
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Craig Albert President and Chief Operating Officer
Collage of photos of Brendan Bechtel and Craig Albert in safety gear on project sites around the world with Bechtel team members.